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Central Florida Bath Liners

Many homeowners consider bath liners as an affordable alternative to a new tub, but are replacement bath liners the right choice for you? They are certainly a budget-friendly option, but you need to be aware that liners can’t deliver all the same benefits of a full tub replacement.

And here’s something else worth considering: National HomeCraft offers replacement tubs for much less than the cost of a traditional bathroom renovation!

Before you decide to hire bath liner installers, it’s wise to be aware of the additional benefits to be gained from a replacement tub.

Bath Liners vs. Replacement Tubs

Central Florida bath liner contractors offer liners as a fast, inexpensive way to update your outdated bath, but is this option the best choice for you?

  • Style Options: The fact that a liner fits over your existing tub means you might be a bit more limited when it comes to style. A replacement tub, on the other hand, can be fully customized.
  • Placement: If you’re not happy with the current placement of your tub, you’ll want to opt for a replacement tub. This will give you total freedom as to where the new tub can be installed.
  • Unseen Structural Damage: Placing a liner over a tub leaves open the possibility for undetected water damage, mold, or other issues to go unnoticed.
  • Issues with Seepage: If not properly installed by the bath liner company, water can seep between the tub and liner, resulting in such undesirable issues as mold growth and an unpleasant odor from standing water.
  • Overall Cost: While bath liners are typically a more affordable option, National HomeCraft offers replacement tubs that are very budget-friendly. Plus, when you consider the many benefits of a new tub compared to a liner, many homeowners find replacement to offer better value overall.

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