Metal Roofing System

What is a Radiant Barrier?

national-homecraft-solar-shieldOur Radiant Barrier is made up of the same material that is used by NASA to line the space suits of astronauts. While in direct sunlight in space, temperature can reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit while the temperature can be negative 165 in the shade. A material had to be designed to protect our men while outside the protective layer of the earth’s atmosphere.

This technology was adapted to protect your home from the suns harmful rays. Our radiant barrier will deflect approximately 97% of the sun’s heat, keeping it from penetrating your home.

This technology will help to lower your cooling costs in the summer and also lower you heating costs in the winter.

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Summer with Radiant Barrier

Summer With Radiant Barrier

Summer without Radiant Barrier

Summer Without Radiant Barrier

Winter with Radiant Barrier

Winter With Radiant Barrier

Winter without Radiant Barrier

Winter Without Radiant Barrier